22 hours in Genoa, Nevada

A 4.5 hour drive brought me to a small town called Genoa, which is just inside the Nevada border from California, yesterday afternoon. I went there to visit my in-laws and 2 of their closest friends, they were staying the week at the David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort. So over the next 22 hours I got to visit the oldest bar in Nevada, do some shopping next door to the saloon, we then all took a soak in a hot springs pool (the hot tubes were too hot for me!) and then played a few games of Carcassonne after a home cooked vegan meal. The following morning we all had massages and then had brunch after which I headed out and drove back to that South Bay via Tahoe (which btw, has snow now!). What a great short trip!

In the morning before our massages I also got to take a quick walk from the resort towards the main road that leads into Genoa, it was early light and so the sun was on its way up, but cloudy so I got some really neat photos I think. Check out the full gallery here!