Miles the #SFBatKid saves Gotham!

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend part of this heartwarming event yesterday in downtown San Francisco’s City Hall (aka Gotham City). Thousands showed up to cheer for Miles, who was diagnosed with Leukemia (recently now in remission!) and was granted a wish by the local Make A Wish Foundation. His wish? He wanted to be BatKid! So when news of this got out to the internet a few weeks ago, and I saw the article about what was going to happen, I just had to be there.

Not only did he get to travel to his numerous capers in a donated black Lamborghini, he saved a damsel in distress, freed the Giants mascot and captured both the Penguin and the Riddler. How amazing is that! Read more about his capers: Article by SF Bay CBS Local

When he finished ridding the city of all of the villains, he was honored at the Civic Center Plaza, in front of thousands, by the Mayor of San Francisco (Gotham City), members of the FBI, Make A Wish and even the Chief of Police! To top even all of that,  President Obama sent him support all the way from the White House!

It was overwhelming how much support this city gave Miles and his family yesterday, the Mayor even named November 15th as BatKid Day and the city will celebrate it every year from now on! Since Miles’ wish went viral it has been promoted, featured and broadcasted on hundreds of news sites, blogs, and other social media. Just simply search Twitter for the hashtag #SFBatKid and you will see notes of support from all over the globe.

I was so moved by this event, the support from so many volunteers from Make A Wish, the city of SF, Miles and his family for enduring this hardship, I am still tearing up about it. If you are also were inspired by this inspirational event, I encourage you, like I will be doing after I finish writing this, to donate or even start to volunteer for your local Make A Wish foundation. Every kid deserves to have their wish come true, just like BatKid!

Some photos I took at the event are below. Have a great weekend!

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