My first trip to Muir Woods National Park

It is hard to properly express this place without having been there. Much of my family has been to Muir Woods before (visits go all the way back to the 40s)¬†and it was always somewhere I wanted to visit. Having moved to CA recently you would think I would have made a bee line to this place the second I arrived, strangely though it took 18 months and my family being in town to finally make the trip! We stayed on the main path this time so I will be making another trip back another time to get further into the forest however even right as you walk away from the information building they are all around you. These massive tall and beautiful red trees, you find yourself walking looking straight up most of the time, so watch for others doing the same and you won’t run into other people!

Here is the whole gallery below, I only got about 150 shots total so I ended up with 12 keepers this time, yes, must make another trip back for sure!!!

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