Family Trip to Vancouver, Canada

I got the chance last week to go along with my family to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate my fathers and sisters March birthdays. Great way to have some family time and explore a new city. I had been near Vancouver on our way into BC a few years back but did not stop and mostly drove around the city.

The weather was overcast most days and although it did rain it was light so it did not interrupt most of our plans. However I was excited for the cloudy skies and thought it would be a great opportunity to take some metered shots and do some black and white photography for once. Admittedly I have not explored black and white photography much cause I just love color as a big component of my photographs, but this was the perfect setting. From Stanley Park, botanical gardens to Victoria and the suspension bridge I got many chances to try some different shots and settings.

Check out a few of my favs below or head over to the full gallery here!




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